Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Michael R. Smith said...

The following was channeled by me in the Summer of 2007 with the group that I work with (Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, & Bartholomew). I did not understand what they meant by George W. Bush not being able to fulfill his duties. I see now that this prophecy has come, and is still coming, to pass.

"And for then you have a situation in which this president of yours, Mr. Bush, who controls the oil wells, and the waters of the world, he will no longer suffice to say be able to handle all of his duties, and the time will come for a great collapse of your government, a collapse of your government that will bring tears to the eyes of people around the world, for they will see that they have a role to play in helping and changing and moving things forward for the rest of all humanity. There are times coming when the leaders of the free world as you know it are not going to be involved in petty differences, shallow indescretions now things that will leave the world vulnerable to the vices of just one person at a time, like Iran, or leaders of some, what is the word, waygone? countries, the countries of the world where others may look with disdian currently. So these countries of the world that will all be involved in a global effort to eliminate poverty, reduce crime, and change the world, make all of the people literate and have food from the original source, that is what you call God.

I am looking forward to seeing your visions, dreams, & psychic hits.

Michael S.

Anonymous said...

Hi, about 1.5 years ago I started having earthquakes in my head. I asked the angels what to do about them and they recommended Tom Kenyon's website. Tom channels messages from the Hathors, who in one of the entries suggested putting octohedrons around ourselves to balance our energies. When I did this, the earthquake stopped. The visions continued and I just surrounded myself in a white octohedron. In January, I joined a lightworkers group. In May, I mentioned the goings on in my head. One lightworker said I was having premonitions. Another lightworker received a vision from the angels to see Mother Earth as already healed and surround her with pink light/Divine Love from the Blessed Mother, and then shine white light on it. On a daily basis, my lightworker friends and I surround ourselves and Mother Earth with both the white octohedrons and pink light/divine love. Other visions included tornadoes, floods, etc. The angels showed me another vision of the Earth as a beautiful brilliant bright shining round white quartz crystal. This is how she looks in her magnificence. She is already healed. The love and balance we send Earth and the disturbances helps alleviate fears from the people so they can take action accordingly. It also helps the Earth with the natural occurrences. Oh yeah, I just learned about one month ago that I am an empath. After reading your ebook, it all made sense to me. Thank you! Caroline

BeachstoneReiki said...

I get hunches, feelings, always have. I've had dreams from my past come to fruition many years later. Lately I can't stop thinking about the Dalai Lama. I feel he will be the last "true" Dali for humankind. I've been feeling this for over a year. I also see my daughter-in-law having a son, but I'll have to check in later, if she has more children! I also feel the planet is only going to take so much until it starts flicking us off like fleas...perhaps it is already happening, but I remain hopeful.

Anonymous said...

Savings in any form to me is not an illusion – it’s a necessity as well as spending energy, time, money, etc. wisely is a necessity for a healthy life. It’s the balance of saving and spending “whatever” that I think is the key. When we spend what we don’t have – well of course we’re going to have to pay for it in the long run – and most of the time – what we pay is compounded many times over from what we over-spent.

I feel the illusion is in that we think we can control outcomes – we can’t. However, to be unprepared because we believe savings is an illusion, or just throw up our hands in the air because we can’t control outcomes, is frankly, in my opinion – lunacy. To me that would be like getting behind the wheel of a car and deciding that since we can’t control other drivers and since we really don’t know what is going to happen out there from when we leave our house to when we reach our destination – it doesn’t matter if we follow traffic laws or not because we just can’t control others and we don’t really know what is going to happen on our journey. If most of us drove like this, the likelihood of us reaching our destinations safely would be severely diminished.

And as far as Robert Shiller – “we’re just recording a measure of what we think something is worth” in regard to the stock market. Well, for goodness sakes, we do that with everything: a hair cut, a car, a meal, a vacation, the stock market, etc. the worth or price is in it’s perceived value which has a foundation in it’s availability.

So even if the value of a stock is just in people’s minds – the money gained or lost is very real.

I get frustrated with these blanket statements that money is just an illusion. For goodness sakes – I’ve been without money where I had to walk to work, couldn’t afford a meal and didn’t know how I was going to pay rent – and currently, I’m living comfortably in a beautiful home. Having money for me – I like it much better when I’ve got some – it’s very real to me when it comes to paying rent or buying a cup of coffee.

And I don’t think the bailout is not real. It’s real in my mind and we will be paying for it - literally. It’s going to come out of our pockets. It’s the value of it (the plan and how that money will be invested) that I think is the contention because we don’t know if healthy practices will be put into place so that it functions properly.

I’m struggling with what you wrote. It feels off to me. It feels like the tone underneath of some of what you wrote in this article falls along some of the new age kind of philosophies that deny some of the uncomfortable realities of reality. (that was double speak) But what I’m trying to say is that the illusion or how we elude ourselves is that many of us, me included, tend to deny that which we either don’t understand, don’t like, or is uncomfortable for us so then oftentimes we just say, “oh, it’s just an illusion anyway” and therefore deny the real pain and suffering associated with the loss, the misunderstanding or the reality that we just don’t like and are having a hard time accepting.

And here’s I guess my last challenge in your article (and there were some things I like too such as fear being natural, etc. and turn off the tv from time to time). Oh for gods sakes, could we please move beyond the whole cult of “positive thinking”. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous but so many of us say, “oh, just think positive” and again, deny reality. They/we spend all this time “thinking positive” and forget the necessary action associated. When we do that, it’s just to me, another form of denial. And I might add, positive thinking for most of us takes a lot of effort and discipline. It’s truly a skill that I believe, is worth developing – along with the associated action.

And back to your comment, “your retirement savings is an illusion.....” My parents have been extremely unwell over the past five or six years. They cannot manage their affairs either financially, medically, emotionally, psychologically or physically. Their bills for care are $14,000.00 per month. Had they not saved for retirement, invested wisely, purchased insurance – the state would be paying these bills. That means you, me, and your readers.

Frankly, I’m glad my parents saved for retirement and didn’t spend their time in positive thinking only – they spent time in positive action too.

(and I might note – dad didn’t gift me anything so that he and mom could avoid paying for their care in their later years or in avoidance of paying taxes or to shelter money. Bottom line, he planned and saved and was flexible along the way because he didn’t expect anyone to financially take care of him – because he knew there were no guarantees and he chose, in the best way he could, to plan to take care of himself and his wife)

I guess my whole point here is to suggest refraining from sweeping generalizations when things are tough or out of balance. I believe the universe always seeks balance and in order to seek balance, we go through many cycles of birth, death and regeneration. And again, I think the illusion is that we think we can control these things and/or that we don’t need to prepare for them. Just because we can’t control them, doesn’t mean we don’t need to prepare ourselves to the best of our abilities to be safe, healthy and happy. And when we experience loss – there’s real, tangible pain in the process. Let’s not sweep that under the carpet either. (I just can’t imagine the looks on some people’s faces after having lost their retirements and/or their homes upon reading what you wrote. I think you really minimized and sort of ignored their feelings in regard to the real pain they are experiencing at having lost that which they worked so hard for. As they say, “you can’t heal that which you can’t feel) I think the more we acknowledge the pain and the loss and deal appropriately with the feelings and the outcomes, the better chance we have of working through it in a healthy way.

Well, Michael. I really do enjoy your newsletter and as you can tell, this article – should I say, inspired me a bit.

Thanks for allowing me to respond with a different point of view.