Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Can See Why Ghosts Exist

I can see how ghosts exist.

Just got up from a dream; still a bit bleary eyed.

The full moon energy wreaked havoc with my sleep, and for that I'm grateful. I had fantastic visions.

One of the things I "saw" was how emotions and memories can cause us to get attached to times and places in our lives.

When I was in college, I was manager of our college radio station. This was before the internet & all that. I would go down to the studio in my free time and play around, making shows, commercials, anything with total joy and exuberance. And all for probably 10 listeners at any given time - we had a 5 watt transmitter at a small residential campus on an island in the deep forests of central Minnesota.

In my dreams, I was back in the studio. Only it looked very different now. In the dream, I was confused. I knew it was the studio, yet it now looked very different. In the dream-state, I retraced my old physical steps, remembering where the offices were, where the records were kept, and where I used to walk to get to those records.

I was faintly aware of some other people who were slightly aware of my presence. They noticed me, but they didn't notice me, if that makes sense.

Did I bi-locate into the current physical space? Was I shifting into the future? Was I partly back in the past?

I haven't the slightest idea.

Yet something tells me this is related to why ghosts exist.

When we love (or hate) things so much, there's a certain part of our Soul that is encoded with memories and emotions that are related to Physical places. We can go back to those places at will.

Anyway, I'm rambling here. Felt important to get these vague impressions out.

I haven't had my morning coffee yet!


Ji Hyang said...

Yes. When people die, their consciousness is considered to open in a way that transcends the illusions of time and space we live with. In the traditional texts, it is written "a thousand kalpas is one instant of time". I've spoken to people who have had NDEs who have experienced this-- as well as seeing their kin, and others who are unaware of their presence.

Dreams are also like this, a bardo realm.
In Mayan cultures, it is considered unethical to make sharp noises at night, because at night people's souls are traveling in dreams, and it could disrupt this travel.

Roland said...

I happened upon your blog. Thought I'd comment. Every place we go, we leave traces of energy. Kinda like epithelial tissues.

You were around a lot of magnetic recording tape and equipment. Definitely gonna leave something there. No doubt.

Let's mention the fact that station studios/recording studios are practically isolation tanks. It increases the potential for energy to take on larger levels of mass and I loosely use the word volume, which makes it denser. Not only to you on the memory side, but on the energetic level too.

I've always had an issue with the ghost concept, however, I have found an explanation that I like. When people die, their energy is released into the fabric of the universe in a similar way a star can implode and form black hole in a way. Anyhow. This is how I tell it.

You know how when some takes a flash picture of you, it takes time for the eye to adjust back to "normal" vision. It leaves a short lasting imprint on your retina. When you die, you are like the camera flash of a picture that was/is developed on the fabric of reality/the universe. The color may fade over time into yellow-papered hues, but the picture, and therefore the memory/moment/entity is still there and accessible to any moderately sensitive intuitive.

When chatting with the undead, I believe what is happening is the triggering of an electrical or magnetic impulse that illuminates the image once thought lost.

The law of conservation of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. (i.e. change into thermal, or kinetic energy) Someone asked me to talk to their deceased mother once, and although not linear, she said I was frighteningly accurate. The interesting thing was that everything I gave to her were memories. Mostly from her mother's perspective. I recalled her mom's childhood dog, which she had to call and confirm with her father.

anything sound reasonable to anyone?

Imzadi said...

Gotta love those pre-java ruminations. There is something there that borders poetics and illumination, no matter who it is sharing the train of thought.

Anonymous said...

Being a psychic medium, I found these entries to be very stimulating.
I see truth in all of them.
If we allow ourselves to be ruled by fear, then we are living a life dictated by our subconscious and life is "what happens to us".
If we allow ourselves to be ruled by love, then we are living a life we create consciously and life is what we make of it.
When we die, in some ways things don't change at all. We still resonate to a certain frequency on a "deeper" level. The experiences we have "on the other side" are due to our beliefs, our passions.
Just like here :)

Sherry said...

I also feel the same way. That even though we may have had hundreds of previous lives there is some emotional connection we keep to places and things in that life. Or maybe on the other side when we have a break this is one of the ways we like to spend our time...revisiting places and people of the past.