Thursday, September 10, 2009

Breath of Light with Margaret Gilfoyle: Reflections on the Work

Had a very nice trip to Laramie, WY. It was my first time back in the energy of the snowy range since leaving in 2005. It felt very nice and quiet.

We did Breath of Light work with Margaret Gilfoyle. It was my first time meeting Margaret, and it was done by invitation from Johnna Nunez, a dear friend & former student.

The work was done on a massage table inside a tipi. Very warm energy in there. I laid my head down on the mat, and then Margaret proceeded to bring in the energy of the spirits that she works with. Very gentle energies worked on me for over an hour.

I've been on an energy work kick lately - getting some good spiritual chiropractic. I found myself floating off into many different worlds, many different colors & vibrations were experienced. At one point, a very strong male spirit came in, he seemed either Native American or Asian in his energy. He was at my left and working on my hips. There was a lot of energy being released in my hips and in my occiput. My hips are still adjusting three or four days later; they were a bit tight during yoga today, but I digress. Anyway, I started to quiver all over my body - it felt like almost too much to handle. Felt like I got a little feverish too. I was praying very hard, calling in the Light. Every time I would have the thought to call in the Light, the beings spoke through Margaret and they would say "thank you for assisting, thank you & blessings to you." If you ever needed proof (I don't) that every thought is real & can be heard by spirit, then this work will prove it to you. During an intense part of the work, I felt like I was growing a beak. Yes, I was turning into an eagle and my eyes were getting stronger, my nose bigger, and my shoulders ached in my back because I have been growing wings. This is not some imaginatory hallucination, it's for real.

At the end, I felt like I do sometimes at the end of sweat lodge ceremonies. I feel clean, and yet I also feel like I ran a marathon. My legs were wobbly & weak, but in a good way. The energy was "reset" in several respects. My lungs were able to take in a huge amount of oxygen and breath.

I've been getting even more sensitive lately. Thus, I find that I need to receive energy work more than usual. What about you? Are you having similar experiences? I think we're ALL getting more sensitive as we prepare for the coming SHIFT. Is it not true?

Just wanted to share a few thoughts on this wonderful experience. THANK YOU Margaret and all the beings in spirit for assisting me in helping to release whatever needed to be released! Margaret, your gentle energy and intuitive perception facilitated a tremendous spiritual movement. Thank you THANK YOU for the Breath of Light!

May all of us be made STRONGER through GENTLENESS.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Michael, for sharing your experiences from our session together. It has been an inspiration meeting you as well! Blessings to you!
Margaret Gilfoyle