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Empaths & Highly Sensitive People: "Walking in the New Garden" by Argus El'iam

2012: Empaths & Highly Sensitive People Walking in the New Garden
From the time I was a small child, I knew that I was "different" and I always felt like I was out of place, and didn't belong here on the Earth. When I was 4 years old as I sat playing with my toys up alone in my bedroom, a group of non-physical Light Beings or what some would call Angels appeared to me and basically laid out the origins and cosmology of the Universe and Earth to me, the Universal principles and mysteries of life and energy, and with that how Jesus (Yeshua) conducted his healing work. It was much like receiving a refresher course for what I already knew, lest I forget in time.  

They informed me that I would be going through what would appear as very difficult trials and tests in this lifetime and would "go dim" for a portion of my life, but it would all be for the greater good. The main piece they imparted to me, was not to 'forget' who I really was and that there was a "grand plan" of which I was part and a greater reality always.

At age twelve, I began a quest for the truth and what was really going on, my own cosmic "behind the scenes" investigation. I began to see the hypocrisy and distorted truth presented by many religions, including my own Catholic faith. I found I had two sets of eyes develop, the eyes in my head and what I call the eyes of my heart. The eyes of my heart were tuned into a very different reality than the former.
Instead of focusing on my regular schoolwork, I had my head buried in parapsychology and metaphysical literature. As a new teen, rather than bumping my head against a buddy in a game of touch football, I was bumping my head against my bedroom ceiling during an experiment with astral projection. I would go outside at night and stare up at the starlit sky for hours and long to be back "home" where I belonged. I kept hearing the words, "mission, you are on a mission" in the back of my mind. I got the sense that I was part of some unseen group that I was selected to be on 'earth' assignment.

My parents and other family members now pegged me as "strange, odd, and over-sensitive". "Don't be so damn sensitive!", my parents would chide me on many occasions. Yet, I knew no other way to be. It seemed I was steeped in a sea of ever changing tides and currents of emotions and energies. I could sense and feel peoples energy and emotions, sometimes better than they could and usually amplified. Many times these experiences were extremely intense and eventually got to the point where I began to "shut down" in order to alleviate this and protect myself. On more occasions than I can count, friends, acquaintances, and even total strangers, without provocation would disclosed their most intimate thoughts and feelings to me, and say "I don't know why I'm telling you all this."

It wasn't until many years later, when I was working with a very conscious and tuned in therapist, that he told me frankly and lovingly, " Argus, you can never be "too sensitive"! I think it's a good thing. Did you ever consider your sensitivity to be a gift?" This statement really helped turn my perspective and understanding around. I began to see and understand that this sensitivity and empathy was indeed a gift and also very natural. I also started channeling these sensations and visions through my artistic creative expression.
It has been 50 years now since my Celestial Light Being friends had visited me and imparted their profound message to me, and I have been witnessing the amazing unfolding and perfection of all that has transpired since that time and my role in it all. I have come to see how people like myself have actually been trailblazers and pioneers in the world. How I have energetically forged a path, with others like myself to make the way into this time easier for others to follow. In many ways, empaths have assisted to set the stage for this amazing time we are entering into. Many of us have sensed the vibrational shifts on the planet for some time now. All souls incarnated into this earth experience at this particular juncture of time/space, are here to participate in this amazing shift. We are now metaphorically, if not literally standing at the gate of the New Garden and our hearts and souls are stirring and expanding with intense anticipation.

2012 represents a marker for the end of one grand cycle and the beginning of another. It is the convergence and alignment of universal and cosmic energies, that is part of a grand and glorious evolutionary expansion of consciousness on all levels. The playing field we have been playing on is shifting dramatically, and will culminate at the 2012 juncture. What this means in day to day life, is that what we see show up in our reality will be much more closely related to our thoughts, feelings, and intentions. This is good news for empaths as this has been the domain we have primarily been operating in.

In the time to come, empaths will play an important role in assisting many who are struggling to find deeper meaning and connection, and teach a way of being in the New Earth Garden ; a way where heart and mind work together in a balanced harmonious way, and a way where seeing with the "eyes of the heart" will become more the norm than ever before.   - Argus Eliam 

This is an excerpt from Navigating 2012: Thriving in Earth's New Age

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