Monday, December 5, 2011

Coping with Earth's Spiritual Shift and Ascension

Have you noticed the amazing new high vibrational energy on the planet? For many of us, It's exciting because the influx of energy is allowing us to move into a new personal and collective reality.

As we each continue to recognize our own creative power, we become better creators of Light energy. Your own recognition of your own intuitive abilities is causing all of us to ascend into a state of more Light and more Grace. This is an ongoing process that will continue to intensify over the coming years.

This process is forcing us to drop our old ways of being. We simply cannot exist in our 'old' patterns and ways of being. Because of the new energy, many of us are experiencing 'symptoms' that we might think, at first glace, are negative. In actuality, these so-called 'symptoms' are actually a positive force, asking us to change our patterns and getting us to do something different than we have done previously. This is a good thing, because the Earth itself will not support our previous ways of being.

If you're having challenges dealing with the additional energy, you're not alone. Some of us are reporting mysterious new physical sensations (headaches, insomnia, fatigue), while others are feeling the changes on a more emotional level (irritation, frustration, or a feeling that 'something is up' as one Empath Connection facebook poster reported).

Whatever your own experience, an important spiritual message for right now is to be gentle on yourself, and act in a gentle manner. Ask yourself "how can I conserve my energy right now so that I don't overdeplete myself?" We can learn a lot about this process from watching how animals conserve energy, especially from how bears hibernate. (This is discussed in my shamanism class, which you can listen to as a part of my empath home study course, The Empath Toolkit).

These months and years ahead are about nurturing your own Spirit to keep up with the changes. Take a walk in the woods, take yourself on a 'play date',or create an 'altar' in honor of your Highest Self, or listen to some gorgeous meditative music.

If you are interested in this topic, you'll may want to learn and read more about this topic of the global shift in my paperback book Navigating The Shift:  Awakening Your Spiritual Gifts in Earth's New Age. If you're a Kindle user, the Kindle Link is Here.

Until next time, and as always, I wish YOU all the best in happiness and health and love! (It is my intention that you can feel these vibrations through this posting!).

Michael Smith (if you're an empath or highly sensitive, sign up for my free newsletter and eCourse)

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