Monday, December 5, 2011

Empaths: Learn Skills to Cope with Electrical Sensitivity

By Michael R. Smith,

(Reposted From the October 2012 Empath Connection newsletter).

Last month, to quiet our minds before the launch of "Awakening the Genesis Within," LD Porter and I spent a weekend on a boat on beautiful Lake Powell near the Utah-Arizona border. After I returned, what I heard emanating from the walls of my home provided a natural subject for this month's Empath Connection column!

For better or worse, most of us empaths live in a culture that exposes us each day to the harsh realities of electricity, to which many of us are exceptionally sensitive (computer screens and florescent lighting are two of the worst examples).

As empaths, the more you can learn about how electricity impacts you, and also how you impact electricity, the better your physical and mental health will become. Each day, our senses are bombarded with alternating current. This type of electricity is a stressor to the nervous system, and because the polarity changes so often, constantly oscillating and reversing direction, it is akin to being on a roller-coaster with no escape. (Not to mention the ugly monsters that litter the geographical landscape in order to produce the current!).

When relaxed, the human body and its brain waves operate at a natural frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second. Not surprisingly, this is the same frequency to which Earth vibrates. However, alternating current has a jarring frequency of between 50 and 60 cycles per second, depending on where you live in the world.

I encourage you to stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and listen to the sounds that emanate from the walls of your home or office.

Do you notice a buzzing sound? If so, the vibration of electricity is probably affecting you more than you may have realized. (An empath's sensitivity to the hum of electricity is one reason why I encourage Empath Academy participants to turn off their refrigerators during our classes).

Also, because we as empaths are healers and can "hold more charge" in our big energy fields, this sometimes disrupts the computers, Ipods, telephones, and fax machines around us! For example, here's a story from one of our readers: "In the last year my effect on electrical components has been increasing at quite a clip. The following are still not working correctly: my car, my cellphone, my laptop (completely fried), and myself (I am constantly being shocked all the time). I have had to neutralize myself by carefully monitoring what I eat and drink and think and of course be very selective about clothing and footwear so I don't combust!"
I would imagine that many of you reading the above story can relate!

Now is the time to take charge of your environment to decrease stress to your physical body. Here are some new skills you can learn to reduce the impact of electricity on your sensitive nervous system:

* Unplug appliances that are not being used, especially in the bedroom.
* Lower your refrigerator setting to the absolute minimum. This is usually more than enough to keep your food cool (and will lower your electricity bill).
* Use a battery powered alarm clock.
* Some empaths have reported success with EMF protectors.

* At least once a week, spend a day in nature, even if the weather is "bad." Getting caught in a rain or snowstorm is a good way to keep your aura clear.

The most effective way to decrease electricity's disturbing effect on our nervous systems is to spend time in nature. This is a common-sense but often overlooked method of "self improvement" to help you become more aware of your empathic skills. Mother Earth will keep your aura clear, you just need to give her the opportunity to do it. Even a few hours is enough to clear our energy fields of the accumulated "ick factor" that we experience in our wired-worlds.
Until next time, wishing you all the best in happiness and health and love!

Michael Smith


KP722 said...

I thought I was going crazy. In fact, It's become a joke around my friends that my 'super power' is to shock people. I plan to take the courses offered and do much more research to find out to be who I am MEANT to be. I feel so much better reading your blog. THANKS!!

labrat662 said...

I am new to this empath thing. Well, not new, I've always been, I just recently found the name for it. As I've been reading this is the first account I've read about a connection to electricity! Are you saying that the street lights going out, the drained watch batteries, my ability to mess up electrical devices is related to my empath nature? I must read more!

Char said...

And my lifelong issue of jamming pop machines is suddenly explained.