Thursday, December 1, 2011

Empaths Spiritual Awakening

We're moving into a new age on Earth.  As empaths, we're waking up to our TRUE identities - that we are healers.  To support you in your own development as a skilled empath who understands your healing gifts, I've co-authored a new book for you, with my good friend, psychic healer LD Porter. 

The Genesis Keys to Spiritual Awakening includes the new eBook and a slew of wonderful enriching materials to support you in your awakening.  (scroll down the page to read the book for free).

It's also available worldwide in paperback from our publisher, CreateSpace.

(You can get a free psychic development teleclass with myself and LD by signing up for his mailing list here - scroll down the page's left side).

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to preview some of what you'll learn:

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