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Building a Personal Relationship with Color Energy:

This month, I am honored to present some wonderful information by Empath Academy graduate Colette Pellissier, who shared this exercise with us during our annual summer retreat in Colorado last August.  (FYI, the 2013 Empath Connection summer retreat will be held on Aug. 15-19, 2013. Click here for more info on the Summer Retreat and so you can be invited this coming spring) - Michael.

Building a Personal Relationship with Color Energy 
By Colette Pellissier

Today, color therapy is a recognized healing modality in energy medicine where specific color frequencies invite the body's energetic process to come into resonance by speeding up (when deficient) or slowing down (when excessive). Think of it as an invitation at a cellular level to remember what vibrant wellbeing looks or feels like, with a magnetic pull to adjust as needed to experience it.

The use of color energy for the purpose of healing and personal transformation is not limited to researchers or trained practitioners. As an intuitive, sensitive or empath, awareness of color energy can be a very valuable asset in the everyday toolkit.

Is a certain color showing up over and over again for you, either in your field of vision while you are awake or while you are meditating or sleeping? Do you find yourself attracted to certain colors of clothing, and have you noticed if there is a pattern related to the kinds of activities or interactions you are doing / having and the colors you choose to wear?

What if the dance of color through your lives, every day, is not random but instead is intended as a divinely crafted communication that contains valuable guidance?  Just by starting to notice color in our day to day experiences, we can gain access to a new stream of intuitive guidance.

Exercise: Acknowledge your Color Awareness 

Close your eyes, center yourself in your heart. Take 2 or 3 deep breaths in and out. Allow yourself to drop into a state of inner stillness.  From that place inside, clarify your intention to co-create a supportive & curious relationship with color.  Send forward a blessing of gratitude to the color or colors that will reveal themselves to you during this process.

When you are ready, take a moment to allow your inner guidance to support you in identifying the color that you will be working with for the next short while:

a) Ask Spirit to show you a color that is meaningful for you at this time. You might glance around the room and see if a certain color "glows" when you look at it, or notice the color of an object that grabs your attention, or the color might just pop into your awareness.

b) Or, if you are aware of a color that has been making itself known to you recently, bring that color into your awareness now.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this, and it is not an efforting. It is more of an allowing.  With the color you have identified, take the next few minutes in a solo process to simply 'be' with it:

Interact with the color as if it were a person, either in your mind's eye or sitting in front of you; treat it like you would a good friend, having a heartfelt conversation.

In the spirit of unconditional positive regard, ask the color what insight it holds for you at this time. What does it want you to know or be aware of? 

Notice the form of the color. Does it have a shape? 
Is it solid or transparent?   Shiny or matte? 
Smooth or textured? Ask it about the relevance of its shape or form. 
Is it accompanied by a scent? Does the scent remind you of anything? 
What emotion does it bring forward for you? 
Does it have a temperature? 
Is the color connected in any way to a memory, either recent or past? 
Does it evoke any imagery in your consciousness? If so, how do you interpret it?

Ask it, does it represent in any way, or is it coming forward to reveal to you something inside of yourself that can be lifted and healed at this time?   

If so, in whatever way is meaningful for you, take some time now to clarify what that might be and with a light heart, full of gratitude, place that thing, that experience, that emotion, that memory, whatever it is, in the palm of your hand, lift your hand to your mouth and gently blow on it, like blowing on a feather and watch as it rides on the current of air and dissolves into the nothingness from which it came. Ask that the space where it used to reside be filled with Light and Loving, and just notice for a moment what that feels like.

As we bring this exercise to completion, take a moment to greet the color once again and express gratitude for the way in which it has been of service to you today. Say thank you, thank you, for coming forward to teach you and support you on your spiritual journey. And send it off, for now, with Love.


(Advanced techniques for working with color are explored in detail in the Complete Empath Toolkit.  FYI, also included in the Toolkit is a procedure that will allow you to physically see an 'aura' or colored energy field emanating off of a person or object.  The procedure works in about 75 to 85 percent of the individuals who attempt it).

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I just enjoyed another excellent Empath Connection Newsletter. I always look forward to receiving it. The article by Colette Pellissier was well written and informative. I love working with color and have already used color therapy in my healing practice.