Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Exceptional 2012 Empath Scholarship Winners!

UPDATE:  Download the ONGOING application form with all the details on how to apply.


I am absolutely thrilled and excited at the quality and number of applicants!  We had a record number of applicants this year for the Empath Scholarship program, and the 3-person panel of judges has chosen 5 exceptional winners.

I hope you enjoy reading portions of the essays of the winners.

Syracuse, Utah

Growing up I didn’t know what an empath was, but I did notice that I was more affected by life than my friends were. I tried to keep my feelings to myself and would shy away from crowds for fear of tearing up for no known reason.

Years later a psychic lightworker told me I was an empath. I started reading everything I could about the subject and soon found The Empath Connection and Dr. Michael Smith. I can clearly see now that both of my daughters, whom have been diagnosed with autism and anxiety, are in fact empaths

I pray often for guidance in the form of books to come my way, and 
that is how I found books by Doreen Virtue, and Kelli Jansen. I have noticed a calm sense of peace using help from angels. I often call on angels to help my daughters with sleep and keep calm in crowded places. Recently angels have helped my family with the passing of our pet. She had a tumor and I could sense that she wanted to pass but was having trouble. I called on the angels to help her, and also to help my daughters to feel comforted and to understand the process of death.
Twice I have been the first on the scene of an auto accident. The first time was just past midnight. Our family was driving home from Las Vegas when the car in front of us got clipped and flipped, sending all of the passengers out of the vehicle. While my husband was on the phone with 911, I checked on the injured teens and kept them calm. Without even knowing what I was doing, I slowed my energy and tried to create a calm environment until help arrived. The second time was by my house. A head on collision happened, and I held the hand of the elderly woman who was injured. This time I had been learning about energy, and tried to run healing energy from my hands into hers.

I am a stay at home mom, and I home school one of my daughters, and we are not able to pay for the at course.  A scholarship would make this dream possible.

North Carolina

As a yoga instructor and personal coach, I am very aware of the challenges of being an emotionally and psychically sensitive person.  Through the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological work that I’m engaged in on a daily basis, a lot of the focus is on being open, aware and available.  However, Michael’s work is ground breaking because it helps us bring awareness to the things we pick up from others and gives us strategies for how to let that energy flow through instead of getting stuck.  We are all psychic antenaes; magnetically attracting the things around us.  Its important that I personally stay clear – on every plane, in order to be most effective with the students that I work with. 

Also, many of my clients are highly sensitive themselves.  I’d like to add new strategies to my toolbox for them to use to be happy and healthy empaths as well.  Ultimately, this training will make me better at the work that I’m already doing.

I am also in constant contact with other practitioners in the healing arts and the arts.  I am a performing artist myself – I sing, play the violin, act and dance.  And I believe this work is super relevant in the arts as well – helping us to remain clear, open and present.  This training will enable me to be an even greater resource to these amazing artists and healing arts.

The interview Dr. Michael Smith did with Deborah on New Transformation Strategies, really spoke to me.  His background and experience with yoga made his meditations and tools even more potent and personal to me and my experience.  I know I’m supposed to work with him, not only for my benefit but for the increased happiness, joy, peace and transformation of those around me.

Finally, the timing on this could not be more perfect!  I am launching a new business called The Breathing Room in Winston Salem, NC in January 2013.  It is a space for the arts and healing arts.  We are doing everything from yoga, to personal development, to acting classes and dance parties!  Our mission is to bring greater joy, peace and transformation to our lives and to the people in our community.  I am hoping that my training with Michael will contribute to me, the practitioners I partner with, and the clients we serve.
This training will empower me as an instructor, healer, artist and leader in my community. 

New York

I’m longing to participate in the November 2012 Empath Academy with Michael Smith, Ph. D. With my situation so drastically changed, I’m looking toward the best use of my skills in my own future. I deeply miss my connection with other healers and other empaths from my former life. I’m feeling rudderless in these new, more conservative waters of Upstate New York.

The Empath Academy would be a great way for me to re-center my own energy and re-enforce my own boundaries. The energy around family (treacherous waters indeed) is so different from the energy that I felt in Virginia with friends and collegues.  I would love the tools and emotional support to re-enter my public healing career.  Participating in the Academy would help with my fear of “going it alone” here in my new life. And soften my ever-present conflict between wanting to venture out and wanting to stay home.

The Empath Academy would help me also expand my healing. I often thought of and researched energy healing on animals. I have seen visions of myself working on horses. I see the steam coming off their husky bodies and I have smelled the sweet, sour smell of winter hay in my day dreams.

My new life is in a richly green rural setting as opposed to my former very urban, oceanfront living.  I need to learn what I can do to take care of myself in this lovely “snow-belt” that I’m now calling home. The Academy would prepare me for the winter here which is long, cold and serious.

Now that Dr. Smith has given me the courage to “come out” as an empath, I’m constantly going back and forth between joy and sorrow. I’m a better healer for being an empath, but I’m also sometimes a crying dish rag. It is better to understand this gift, but important to better manage it. As I learn to better manage my sensitivity, I will become a better healer as well. A win-win!

12-3-2012 UPDATE FROM RUTH:   
It is a pleasure to write about my academy experience.  First of all I learned that I was not alone!  Next I learned that I was not crazy. Both of those are huge lessons by themselves, but Michael did so much more.  He shared tons of practical tools, taught me how to honor my gifts, manage my gifts,  and offered me an empowering way to ease into the day-to-day empath journey. 

Jennifer Puerner

    I currently practice psychotherapy both in a primary care medical clinic, for an agency, as well as in my own private practice on the side, which I am working to grow. I feel I bring natural gifts and strengths of compassionate presence, insight, light, sensitivity and intuition to the work I do.  I am also a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master.  I have been feeling some confines to the agency work I am doing, following the standards of practice set by the State and using the traditional array of theoretical orientations. I feel there is much more that I am here to do and I believe this is spiritual in nature.  I feel drawn to movement/energy work and being a part of people waking up to themselves, whether by teaching, therapy, or energy work in some way. 
    I feel I am being called to move into something new and bring that to my work. I am listening and allowing myself to be guided in what direction this seems to be at this time.  I believe that Colby’s work will deepen my sense of Self, deepen my trust in my gifts and intuition and heighten my energetic and spiritual awareness to take me to this next place along my work path.  I believe what I gain from working with him can only enhance who I am and what I bring to any of the work I am doing in whatever capacity. The gifts of my intuition and empathic sensitivity are a part of how I attune to my clients, allowing me to help them feel seen.  My compassionate presence, which people feel, often opens and moves people within their process.  I am highly aware of people’s emotional states and have intuitive cognitions I offer up to clients and these often seem a just right “ah ha” moment for them.  My presence has a calming affect as well as uplifting affect.  This is some part of how I am here to help in the world! Using my gifts brings me alive and feels juicy!  


Anonymous said...

I think I just screamed !
Dr. Smith ! You made my day !

I m a young doctor ,pracitising yoga since 6.Looking for alike people to work with.

I would be more than happy to connect to each one of you !

Anonymous said...

Has this Scholarship been discontinued?

Michael R. Smith said...

No the scholarship continues and has expanded. Search for a post on October 27, 2016 (should be relatively easy as I only post less than 8 times a year) and you'll find the application form. Thanks! Michael Smith