Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weight Gain Related to Ascension Energies

By Jennifer Hoffman

Why are we all gaining weight right now? Our body retains water to help buffer the energy frequencies we receive. And we are also evolving as a species and are changing at the cellular level, shifting from carbon base to crystalline (silica) which is also why we have had so many food intolerances and have to eat a very simple diet (That is especially true for me and I have never had food allergies/intolerances before). It's happening to protect us, not hurt or harm us and while the weight gain is frustrating and annoying and it offends our vanity, it will go away.

The more intense the frequencies we're receiving, and that includes heightened solar flare activity, the more weight we'll gain to protect ourselves. And have you noticed that you pay more attention to your body when you see that you have gained 5, 10, 15 or more pounds? You watch what you eat, exercise more, you feel more grounded in more body because there is more of you to ground. That's another purpose of the weight gain, to keep us in our body.

 Right now we're experiencing intense emotional release on the planet and that affects our glucose/insulin balance. Have you been craving sugar in the last month (I have and it's something I rarely eat), our emotional energy is unbalanced, especially for those who are empaths. My guides said that cinnamon and chromium will help with this, so take those if they are right for you. And love your body, even with the extra weight, because it is just doing its job. This too shall pass, 2013 is going to be a much easier year for us.

With gratitude,
Dr. Michael R. Smith, Empath Coach


Judy said...

I connected to your post Michael. I have been in a lot of pain for sometime (years), gained weight and no matter what I do to lose it nothing seems to work. I am now a diabetic (can be curable), and lately seem to be very moved by energy and light. I have been feeling more emotional stress and pain. As you said, it feels right coming into 2013, and I know this will be a great and fabulous year for myself and others. I feel it coming. My intuitive side seems to be engaged as I am seeing the lower energies, and most especially the divine energies. My faith in God, my gifts, abilities and divine power will become full forced this year and on. Thank you for the words of wisdom and helping me to feel connected, confirming my own intuition of what is coming, and the divine connection of Empaths.

Judy said...

I forgot to mention that I have to eat simple as my gluten free diet helps me to feel better. Yes, diet is essential to helping my body to feel good opposed to eating the wrong foods. I definitely feel the differences. Thank you for making these points on simple food intake for Empaths.

Kristi said...

I haven't gained weight, thank goodness! But I did have one of the most emotional holiday seasons ever and could attribute it to nothing concrete. Also I've been experiencing some very clear dreams and just in general, feel different...can't describe it.