Friday, May 2, 2014

How Empaths Can Cope with The Spiritual Shift

Most empaths have some internal recognition that we are Lightworkers who are here for an important reason. 

There is a Spiritual Shift occurring on the planet that is resulting in an increased spiritual 'pressure' to move into alignment with the Highest Good/Divine Force. We may perceive the world 'freaking out' and maybe even going a little crazy. Because of our collective actions to create Light, we are being forced to move out of limiting habits and beliefs and deal with the shadow and fear energies. When this occurs, you may feel a sense of confusion in yourself and others. Out of that confusion eventually will come a positive new structure, a new divine ‘order’ that will serve us for the long term in the new age in which we live. 

Because of the intensity of energy on the planet, more people are choosing to create violence and chaos. All we can do is stay focused on the Light, even when others lose their focus. Create a ball of Light in your heart with your imagination.   Breathe it into your center and pretend your heart is a valve that is opening.  

This will help you not be pulled off your own center. 

Hugs, Michael Smith - 

P.S.  You can help cope and deal with the Spiritual Shift that's occurring by downloading the Complete Empath Toolkit, a self help empath empowerment package that will help you release energy that's not yours and will open up your intuitive and spiritual abilities.

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