Monday, May 5, 2014

Neutrality: Your Place of Power Where the Divine Resides

Neutrality has been described as the place where God resides. 

It is the space in between your inhalation and your exhalation, and it is a place of Balance and enlightenment. At first, neutrality may seem awkward and perhaps even uncomfortable, especially if you are used to being expansive and enthusiastic. 

The new experience of not caring about the ego's expectations may erroneously lead you to believe that your passion is being lessened. In actuality, existing in a neutral state and not caring about outcomes is perhaps the best place to experience empowerment as an empath or a spiritually sensitive person. 

When you are truly neutral, you are not biased and not projecting. You experience total freedom from reacting or wanting to exist in any other state. 

When you have achieved this centered state, you are personally and spiritually empowered. 

-Excerpt from the Complete Empath Toolkit. 

Make it a beautiful day! Michael S

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