Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 Empath Scholarship Applications Open

Announcing the opening of applications for the Empath Connection Scholarship program.

We've given out nearly $17,000 in free education and training in the last few years!  As an example, you can read about some past winners here and here.

The goals are simple:  To have you embrace your empath gifts and use them for personal power, professional enhancement, and to even potentially use them in a new career.

Download the Application form here (it's a 2 page application form).

I look forward to reading your application!

With hugs,
Dr. Michael Smith


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michael. I've just downloaded the application onto my desktop and will be applying asap. Your program for "empaths" sounds like it's for me. Mahalo! ~ Lisa, The Gambia

Meghan as FireBonnet said...

Darn! I missed this... The timing wasn't to be apparently. And of course I know it is time NOW for me to do this work. lol I guess self guidance through your freebies will be enough for the time being. You give a lot of wonderful information that resonates to my core and many other references to explore. I thank you Michael for being present for us (emerging empaths) and for my friend who forwarded me your 15 tips.
Big sigh and delicious smile,