Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2012: Spiritual Manifestation & Attraction are Quickening

I have noticed lately that whatever I think about seems to come into reality quicker than ever! I hesitate to use these words, but I've heard friends & clients call this new awareness "freaky," "weird," and "scary." Indeed, this speeding up is causing us pause, because it means we must be extra careful with our thoughts! What comes out of your mouth today will soon be coming into Reality tomorrow.

There's an explosion of interest in 2012. What some call The Shift is happening RIGHT NOW. Others call this the Quickening, or the Ascension. There's a new movie about this Shift and also a new book by Lee Carroll regarding this.

In preparation for this 2012 Shift, Carolyn Cobelo and I are organizing a Sacred Journey to the Yucatan to explore Mayan Temples coming in early June (with a smaller test-run happening March 22-29). We will explore the prophecies of the Mayans and focus on rejuvenation as we spiral into our new age of global consciousness.

This is all very exciting. And yet, on the other hand, this infusion of LIGHT also means that Darkness is being pushed to the Surface.

Anything incompatible with Light is being forced to leave. Thus, with the current chaotic state of our world, see the Darkness for what it is; simply a reflection of the tremendous infusion of Light that is happening right now.

We are not able to get away with our little Lies to ourselves any longer. We cannot take any shortcuts any longer. We must Face up to what we've individually and collectively created.

I hope and pray that you continue to soldier on in your Spiritual Journey. Don't let the Darkness get you down. Take great caution with your thoughts and intentions.

Most of all, I pray that we all be extra VIGILANT in this special time about our thoughts, our language, and our own Power, for our Power is increasing every day.

In Peace,