Saturday, August 27, 2016

How to Protect Yourself from Other People's Energy

For those empaths or sensitive people who meditations don't work in protecting from other people's negative energy, I have been using an energy shield that is able to shield and block out most of the energy that we perceive from others on a daily basis.  

The shield amplifies your own energy field while protecting you from others negative energy.

I've used the shield for several years and I always feel calm and serene while wearing it.  I've also heard feedback from other empaths about the device.   One of our subscribers offers this report:  "I feel like I am not being smothered emotionally and I know it is this shield.  There is a huge shift this week. I have talked to two friends today who are so down in life right now and I can't believe how unaffected I am."

Here is a link to all the information about the device (scroll down the page for articles relevant to empaths/sensitives).  There are a lot of articles on how the shield works, especially for highly sensitive people and empaths.

Dr. Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

P.S.  If you're an empath or highly sensitive person, check out Empath AnnaMariah's experience using the device.

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