Wednesday, October 24, 2018

An Empath's Dillemma: What is the 'Right' Career?

As human beings living in a duality based existence, we may often wonder what is the 'right' way for me to live? What is the 'right' job for me to take? Who is the 'right' partner for me to share my life with?

While it is understandable that our minds seek the comfort of knowing we are doing something in the 'correct' way, in reality, that is merely a human concept that limits our true expansiveness and limitless potential.

We came to Earth to create, and were given free will to build, grow, make choices that further our soul growth. In the world of Spirit, there is absolutely no wrong choice. God/Creator supports us in everything we do, even those choices lead to less than desirable consequences.

The word 'should' doesn't exist in the realm of God. Life purpose is something that is fulfilled simply by being in a body at this time on Earth and making decisions and choices, whatever they may be.

So let go today of any notions that you can screw things up, that you aren't living your purpose, that you might be doing things 'wrong' or that you are 'less than' in the eyes of the Divine. Everything is used for the betterment and good of the soul and the collective. Every decision is ultimately used to propel us forward into new realms of Light and consciousness.

With all the blessings for your authenticity, happiness, and success,

Michael Smith, Ph.D.

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