Sunday, August 23, 2009

Test Your ESP & Psychic Experience Forum for Empaths

Found a great little psychic test website that I'd like to pass along.

You can test your psychic ability with a series of fun & interesting tests.  I recommend the classic Zener test (which many parapsychologists use), as it only takes 5 minutes and will analyze the results and tell you the 'amount' of psychic ability you have.

I spent 30 mins this morning; seemed to have great success with the 'Guess the Random Number' test, not so much with the remote viewing test. Interesting how for empaths & highly sensitive, often our psychic ability rests on the fact that it may need to be connected to a person in order for it to be optimally effective. When emotions or other people are involved, our sense of knowing comes through with more ease.

Computer psychic tests are impersonal and may throw empaths off.  Beware of the psychokinesis test! I tried it once and decided it was better to avoid it; (I once sent sparks flaring from my TV by having the brilliant idea to do Reiki on it).

Looks like a great site to share empath and psychic experiences as well.


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