Monday, December 5, 2011

Winners of the 2011 Empath Scholarship Program Announced

Empath Connection Scholarship Winners for 2011 Announced!

Congratulations to Carla Perotte, and to Shanna Gwilliam, both of whom were chosen by an impartial 3-person panel to receive training to further a career in the healing arts. Here are some excerpts from their scholarship applications:

Carla Perotte
"Since my childhood years I have always felt the energies of others but mistakenly thought it was my own energy leaving me in a constant depressive state thinking something was wrong with me. After listening to many spiritual teachers, especially Dr. Michael Smith, I realized I simply had the gift of being an empath and I am perfect the way I am. This gift has allowed me feel the energies of others, hold the energy and assist in raising or transforming their vibrational frequencies. I have also recently felt peculiar sensations in my hands discovering that I have a gift to heal with my hands. The importance of (my attending) the Reconnection Healing program will help to enhance my ability to be an empath healer and eventually branch out to be an energy healer."

Shanna Gwilliam
"I have been a licensed psychotherapist for eleven years, and running across the term "empath" has changed my life. I feel so validated, understood, and as if I have some tools to alleviate the symptoms that have presented over the years. I have an interest in many alternative modalities and an excitement for learning them. This would benefit myself and my clients. I hope this help will enable me to know which emotions are mine and which belong to others. I hope to be able to go to the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon and not leave exhausted. I hope to meet with people and feel exhilarated rather than depleted. I use my empath skills daily. I want to learn to use them in a way that is beneficial to all, including myself. I have had incredible experiences where I have let go and let myself be guided, without fear, and these moments are the moments I seek. I am seeing more and more people who relate with the word empath and I know they are needing help. I want to be that help for them."

Update 12-19-2011: From CarlaI completed levels 1 and 2 and am now a qualified Reconnection Healer. During the seminar we were given tools on how to access this healing energy, how to set up a business atmosphere and handle clients professionally. But the most important thing during the seminar was the knowing of my healing ability. My hands were on fire and tingling. I knew that I had a gift and when we were given the opportunity to practice on other student attendees, I could literally feel the energy coming from my hands and was pleased that those I worked on felt a difference after my session with them. As an empath, I did feel certain sensations in my body that indicated to me that I was feeling the other persons physicality and/or energy. I am still trying to absorb the whole experience. So I want to thank you once again for the opportunity that have enhanced my career skills and finding something that I will truly enjoy making a living off of.  I am going to enjoy ...bringing in the coming grand year of 2012 which I am extremely excited and joyous about. What a time to be alive!

Congratulations to our 2011 winners!   The applications for 2012 will be released sometime around May or June, 2012.  

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Michael Smith

Coping with Earth's Spiritual Shift and Ascension

Have you noticed the amazing new high vibrational energy on the planet? For many of us, It's exciting because the influx of energy is allowing us to move into a new personal and collective reality.

As we each continue to recognize our own creative power, we become better creators of Light energy. Your own recognition of your own intuitive abilities is causing all of us to ascend into a state of more Light and more Grace. This is an ongoing process that will continue to intensify over the coming years.

This process is forcing us to drop our old ways of being. We simply cannot exist in our 'old' patterns and ways of being. Because of the new energy, many of us are experiencing 'symptoms' that we might think, at first glace, are negative. In actuality, these so-called 'symptoms' are actually a positive force, asking us to change our patterns and getting us to do something different than we have done previously. This is a good thing, because the Earth itself will not support our previous ways of being.

If you're having challenges dealing with the additional energy, you're not alone. Some of us are reporting mysterious new physical sensations (headaches, insomnia, fatigue), while others are feeling the changes on a more emotional level (irritation, frustration, or a feeling that 'something is up' as one Empath Connection facebook poster reported).

Whatever your own experience, an important spiritual message for right now is to be gentle on yourself, and act in a gentle manner. Ask yourself "how can I conserve my energy right now so that I don't overdeplete myself?" We can learn a lot about this process from watching how animals conserve energy, especially from how bears hibernate. (This is discussed in my shamanism class, which you can listen to as a part of my empath home study course, The Empath Toolkit).

These months and years ahead are about nurturing your own Spirit to keep up with the changes. Take a walk in the woods, take yourself on a 'play date',or create an 'altar' in honor of your Highest Self, or listen to some gorgeous meditative music.

If you are interested in this topic, you'll may want to learn and read more about this topic of the global shift in my paperback book Navigating The Shift:  Awakening Your Spiritual Gifts in Earth's New Age. If you're a Kindle user, the Kindle Link is Here.

Until next time, and as always, I wish YOU all the best in happiness and health and love! (It is my intention that you can feel these vibrations through this posting!).

Michael Smith (if you're an empath or highly sensitive, sign up for my free newsletter and eCourse)