Monday, April 22, 2013

Wise Words from a Woman of the Wind: Life Practices for Empaths

By Triza Schultz

"We unconsciously believe that feeling someone else’s emotions meant we were responsible for them in some way, even propelled by guilt for knowing what could be done to help resolve something.

What we never realized, and no one taught us, is that we begin to essentially take away another person’s need to learn to resolve their own problems for their own spiritual growth. We become interference in another’s spiritual path by jumping in and either volunteering to participate in resolving or almost forcibly getting involved through unsolicited counseling and judgments – not to mention endlessly dispensing tea and cookies, allowing our home to become a revolving door, while people are talking all about their problems with us.

That’s why we walk away emotionally drained, and others sometimes leave confused or temporarily obliging to turn their problems over to us! And when it doesn’t work out, they can rightfully blame us, and no one has learned anything. We become easy scapegoats.

This cycle must be stopped for an empath to begin to regain some balanced footing in the world.

That’s why it’s so critical to ask whether the emotional energies we are feeling belong to a personal situation and experience of our own only, or are we feeling someone else’s emotions/situation that have nothing to do with us?