Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Empath Academy: Tools to Shield and Protect from Negative Energy

Hello fellow empaths!  I am writing today to invite you to join us in learning how to shield and protect from negative energy in the upcoming empath academy.  The empath academy is a weekly 3-hour class leading toward your empath empowerment that is done over a teleseminar line, so you can join us wherever you are in the world.  

I’ve done the Empath Academy since 2010, and perhaps the single most powerful and remarkable aspect of each academy is seeing how individuals who previously thought they had to suffer in silence with a feeling of isolation realize that there is an entire tribe of individuals who have life stories that parallel theirs and who have experiences that mirror theirs!  

In the Empath Academy, each week you'll learn and practice novel techniques and tools to shield and protect from being overwhelmed with the negative energy of other people.  You'll also get a personal coaching session as a part of the class with messages from Spirit to help you on your life journey, if you choose.  There is so much more than just the class learning!
So won’t you consider joining us this next cycle?  We do the Academy 4 times each year (February, May, August, November) for a full month so there is bound to be an academy that might work for you.  You can join us in many countries outside the USA for no long distance charges.

Registration is ongoing, so I hope to have your light and energy in the class with us!  

Until then, many blessings! 
Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

P.S.  Here is what empath Patricia Morris has said about our a recent Empath Academy:  “I can't recommend this more highly!  If you're an empath (no matter at what stage you're awakened) this class is invaluable. I learned many life-changing things, and Dr. Smith is so loving and compassionate! The energy in the classes feels like you've come home, and the love ,friendships formed, and sense of safety that is felt, is how the world is meant to be.”