Sunday, August 23, 2009

Test Your ESP & Psychic Experience Forum for Empaths

Found a great little psychic test website that I'd like to pass along.

You can test your psychic ability with a series of fun & interesting tests.

I spent 30 mins this morning; seemed to have great success with the number test, not so much with the others. Interesting how for empaths & highly sensitive, often our psychic ability rests on the fact that it may need to be connected to a person in order for it to be optimally effective. When emotions or other people are involved, the psychic answers can come through with ease.  We learn how to develop our psychic senses in my instructional package The Complete Empath Toolkit.

Computer psychic tests are impersonal and may throw empaths off.  Beware of the psychokinesis test! I tried it once and decided it was better to avoid it; (I once sent sparks flaring from my TV by having the brilliant idea to do Reiki on it). I already know I have psychokinesis, I don't need to ruin my computer by proving it!

Looks like a great site to share empath and psychic experiences as well.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Taking care of ourselves as Empaths

I got a comment in the last blog that said "I'd wish you'd write more." I do too! So I'll take this opportunity to check in a bit more often!

I've picked up a bit of a bug this week, and most likely because I can do a better job balancing my stress. So, I am going to do three things I haven't done in awhile.

1) I'm going camping. I am getting outdoors and away from all things electronic, and letting nature heal!  We can all do this more often. (I spend the majority of my week either on the phone talking to clients in my coaching or classes, or on the computer updating my sites and writing the next book (yes, it's coming next Spring).
2) I am going to have a healing session. I haven't done this in at least 6 months. Far too long! As empaths, a general guideline would be that we need someone to help us at least every two months, if not more, especially if you're in the midst of purging all the stuff you've accumulated your entire life.
3) I am going to see a doctor. It's sometimes easy to overlook the importance of western medicine. At times it is important, especially when dealing with acute symptoms.

So, let's take this opportunity to ask ourselves, "Have I nurtured myself lately?" If the answer is no, then pamper yourself for a day or two. Go to a spa. Eat out at a nice restaurant; get dressed up & go out on the town. Invite a friend over for dinner. Take a nice bath. Get some nice essential oils or buy a your favorite lotion or scent. Get outdoors. Purchase something of quality as a reflection of your esteem for yourself.

Most of all, keep the faith & keep moving onward!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Empaths at Omega Institute: Reflections and Perspectives

Had a wonderful time with other empaths at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. I was honored to do a workshop on empath sensitivity with an amazing turnout!  I compiled this video with some of the reflections of the empath participants who were generous enough to be interviewed on camera.

Also, if you'd like more empath activities and a chance to experience a workshop in your town with me, please visit my website here & let me know.  
Here's a video summary:

Michael Smith