Thursday, December 16, 2010

Empaths & Metaphysical Aspects of Food Preparation

A Metaphysical Theory of Food
By Kevin Friel, Empath
I'll preface this with keeping Masaru Emoto's intention water experiment in mind (sending 'love' produced beautiful crystals, 'hate' jagged ugly ones...). I started thinking about the value of food after touring a top nutritional testing facility near Chicago this summer, and hearing that facilities CEO speak. My thought process brought me to the conclusion that not only what and how we eat and how it is prepared is important, but who handles the food through the farming/supply chain/distribution/preparation/serving process. More importantly, what is their INTENTION while taking part in this process?

Families used to prepare, cook, and in a lot of cases even farmed their own food together. They would then sit around together and eat. For the most part (sibling rivalry aside), the intention of all those people was to basically love the food that would keep their loved ones going. Even if we directly transpose the results of Dr. Emoto's findings to this, water is used quite a bit in preparing and cooking. If the intention is set in the water surrounding the food products, then no doubt that same energy would transfer into the ingredients. But I'm sure intention directs the building blocks of food (as we already know, energy effects everything!) in the same way. In the end, we ingest the loving energy 'intended' into the food. That has to transfer into our bodies too! Empathic receptions aside, why do 'home cooked meals' taste and FEEL so much better than an equivalently prepared meal at a mediocre restaurant?

So, the flipside. Much of our 'cheap' food comes from poverty stricken nations in large, factory-style farms. People are happy to work for the limited money, but the conditions are often poor to uphauling with long-hours and many accounts of abuse. The intention is set right from the crib of our ingredients. Hate for their boss, for their health, for missing their family etc, gets infused into the ingredients before they even get to the next stage of prep. If they are shipped across seas, more often than not the shipping crews are in a similar situation as the farmers. Sometimes this is compounded by having adjacent containers (or in some extreme cases, even the same shipping container) carrying drugs/weapons/human traffick. Another point for negative intention infusion. The truckers who spread the ingredients to the rest of the continent often lead dubious lifestyles, or miss their families greatly. Yet another point.  
If we are buying these products from a large discount chain, the warehouse staff are underpaid, and underappreciated. If we end up with these ingredients at a sub-par restaurant or fast-food chain, some preparers even PHYSICALLY put intention into the food (spitting, unsanitary practices...), never mind the metaphysical effects of such actions. So we end up with multiple points of potential 'hate' energy being infused, and then digested into our systems. Would this explain the broader link between depression and fast-food consumption (nutritional considerations aside)? Are GM foods filled with the negative intentions of their penny-pinching project-managers?

There are so many ways to be exposed to 'intentional energy', this seems like a very important one. And it puts so many pieces of our societal paradox together.

I would love to hear the reader's comments on this.  Have you heard of a "theory of food" anything like this floating around out there, and any other viewpoints along the way.  I intend to make a short film on the subject, so your comments will be helpful.

Kevin Friel, Canada