Thursday, April 8, 2010

Earthquake Premonitions and Dreams: What's Happening?

Just in the last week, on three separate occasions, I have had three different clients who report being disturbed by having dreams and visions of massive earthquakes. This is in addition to three other friends who report the same thing - dreams and premonitions for earthquakes. (I have long had earthquake premonitions - and I am also having an increase in dreams and visions lately, especially for japan).

As empaths and intuitives, we are "feeling" the Earth, and how she is now moving and throwing off the energy from our years of abuse. None of this is new. Spirit has been telling us for years that this would happen, and now we're right smack in the middle of it.

More of this is explored in my empath empowerment package, The Complete Empath Toolkit.

Because this is happening NOW, that's why it's absolutely imperative that we learn about our abilities, enroll in healing classes, go to spiritual ceremonies, and learn about ourselves and our gifts.

For now, I will leave you with the words of Empath Connection reader Beverly Tier Bartlett, who prompted me to write about this today:

"My question is: Is there a shift in energy lately that is causing empaths to feel anxiety and to have heightened sensitivity? I'm empathic and kept hearing in my head the word EARTHQUAKE three times and it would not stop and I had no idea why I heard this and it turned out to be one week PRIOR to the earthquake in Haiti. Ever since then its as if I'm reading peoples minds and it isn't even fun :-) All of this is both interesting and amazing, yet quite distressing for along with hearing the word earthquake comes a flood of an overwhelming sense of doom and gloom and tragedy but non specific. Last week I started to hear earthquake again three times along with the number 6 so I shared it with a friend. I don't know what it is I'm supposed to do with this information except pray."

Yes, Beverly, the best thing any and all of us can do is PRAY. And also to SHARE what's happening with others, just as you did with your friend and by reaching out to me. By sharing your dreams and experiences, it allows others to know that this heightened sensitivity is GLOBAL. We're ALL experiencing it. There's no separation - what one person feels, so do all of us, on many refined and subtle levels.

You may benefit from reading the stories and experiences contained in my Complete Empath Toolkit package.
Until next time, may you pray for the world, the Earth, and all of her inhabitants, human, and non-human alike.

Michael Smith, Ph.D.