Monday, March 28, 2011

The Urgency of our Times: What's Happening Below the Surface

Here in North America, now that the Spring Equinox has arrived, we are coming out of hibernation.  Winter is giving way to the masculine, yang, energy of the sun and summer.  And with recent world events, we are seeing that the Earth itself is also coming out of hibernation and rousing humanity into a new action/thought paradigm. 

Are you sensing the urgency of these times in which we live?   There is an intensity and pressure building in the world, beyond anything any of us have experienced up until now. These are all manifestations of what's happening below the surface.   There are workings of our mother to which we are not privy.  She's shifting in major ways, and so are we.  

It is TIME. 
Many prophecies and sacred stories (of the Egyptians, Hopi, Lakota, Seneca, Mayans, etc) speak of these times that we are in.   Do you feel lifeless, out of breath, depressed, put upon?  Do you feel that there is little room for you to move?  Do you feel options decreasing?   Are things contracting?   If you've noticed any of these feelings, below the surface, now is the time to bring them to the LIGHT.   Go under, retrieve these feelings, bring them into the open (often through tears), and move forward with action.  Sometimes a good soul cry will open the heart chakra and help you move forward with perspective.

We no longer have TIME for dawdling and procrastinating.  Ask yourself, "What is my prayer for the rest of the year?"  What is it that your heart is asking of you?  What is the next major project, goal, task, for you?   Commit yourself, right now, in this moment, to doing something DIFFERENT.

The future of our world, of our children, of the coming generations, depends on what you do right now.   The thoughts you are thinking, right now, as you read this text, will bring forward the creation of the next 7 generations.  If you act on these inner knowings, these inner urges, then the future will come more easily for the Earth, for you, and for the next generations.  You have the power, right now, to prevent other major catastrophes from happening.   Any actions taken on behalf of the entire circle of the universe and all it's beings, can prevent future diseases, blight, earthquakes, tsunami's.

You are powerful beyond anything you have imagined or can possible fathom.  Give up the need to know exactly why, simply say "I don't know, and I don't need to know," and take an action on faith.  Sign up for a class to deepen your spiritual connection, get some physical exercise to clear out your energy field, have a good, deep, long, cleansing cry.  Apologize to a loved one or friend for things you might have done in the past that are still haunting either of you. 
Make a phone call to a loved one who might be living alone and in need of companionship.  Forgive someone who has done you wrong. Even better, communicate this forgiveness with them, without prompting.  It takes the courage of action, that's all.   

We each have a limited amount of time on this Earth.  Make it count.   

God Bless, Michael Smith.

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