Saturday, February 18, 2012

Empaths: The Power of NOT Knowing WHY you are the way you are!

This year is a magical time. The illusions of Western societies, which are primarily based on the illusion of separation, are crumbling. This crumbling of what we thought we knew is causing both individual and collective crises. Just as certain governments are falling, what we thought we knew about ourselves as empaths is also falling away, and thank God for that! New realities and new futures are being created at this very moment.

If you feel that your own ideas of what you thought were 'true' are crumbling around you, then you are not alone. It's happening for all empaths.  Spirit is 'sprinkling' us with it's Divine magic right now. One of the ways this alchemical process happens is through the experience of being surprised, awed, and sometimes shocked into seeing the Truth of spiritual existence. Sometimes it takes chaotic and unpleasant situations to propel us forward into dramatic spiritual transformation. If this is happening to you now, please congratulate yourself for continuing to make the choice to breathe and remain in your human body.  It takes courage and bravery for you, as an empath, to do this.

Even though we may think we know what's happening, the reality is that we don't. One of the wisest man I have ever known, a Lakota elder, is fond of saying, "I don't know nothing." The act of vocalizing this is a precursor to gaining spiritual wisdom, and in his teachings, is one of the top five attributes of spiritual warriors, which could very well be an accurate definition of an empath is.
Some of you might be thinking 'why would I want to affirm that I don't know anything?". To certain ways of thinking, this affirmation might seem counterintuitive. And yet consider the larger picture. The truth is that very few of us, if any, are privy to the details of what's happening in the BIG PICTURE. Very few of us, if any, have any idea of what REALLY happening in the moment-to-moment changing energy of humanity and the World. Do we have an idea of what might be happening, broad scale, in the spiritual age in which we live?

Many of us would say yes, we do. We believe, as have cultures for hundreds of years, that we are all engaged in a magical time that presents opportunities to create new ways of thinking, being, and actiing. YOU, as an empath, have a huge role to play in this co-creation.

Is it scary for the human ego to not know what's going on? Absolutely! The human ego's job is to make things understandable for us, to make things smaller and 'digestable'. The ego is what gets us through the daily grind of paying bills, realizing which road to turn, and making otherwise mundane (but important) decisions to keep us safe and grounded.

And yet in all of my coaching work with empath clients, and in my books; there is one important message that rises to the top, and that is the following: none of us have any idea of Who We Really Are. If we did, it would be too much for the human ego to handle. Thus, the ego serves an important function. It protects us. It is NOT our enemy, and any attempt to make it into such is only doing us harm. Many of us would like to turn that mental chatter off, and rightfully so. However, getting 'rid' of the human ego is not a worthwhile endeavor. Not only is it impossible to do because the very fact that we are in a body necessitates it, but even if we did actually override it, we very well may become schizophrenic.

As much as you might want to get 'rid' of all that mental chatter, do you really want to wind up in a mental ward? I hope your answer to that question would be in the negative! Regardless, there are three very powerful words that you can speak at any given point in time, and they provide instant relief to the ever-inquisitive and sometimes demanding human ego.

Those three words are: "I don't know."

As an empath, begin to EMBRACE the act of saying and vocalizing those words. They provide instant relief. And when you add another phrase on top of it "I don't know, and I don't need to know," you become ever more empowered.

Paradoxically, by giving away the belief that you have some powerful knowledge, you become more powerful! And so the great Mystery continues....the great 'cosmic joke' continues. Not only is it OK not to know, it's actually an empowering state of being.

So take all those unanswered questions that have been nagging you.....'why am I the way I am?" - "what is my karma?" "why must I suffer as an empath?" - and begin to make friends with the uncertainty. ENGAGE the UNKNOWING, and you'll find that your life, and the perceived burdens that you carry, become less and less of an issue. Then you can move forward with the knowledge that we are all connected to something MUCH greater than we think we know. And therein lies the MAGIC, the mystery, and the beauty.

Until next time, may you embrace those three powerful words, vocalize them to yourself and to your friends. You may be pleasantly surprised that what you thought was an uncomfortable state can actually be the greatest bliss imagineable!
Michael Smith