Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Empaths: How to Identify Your Life Purpose

In 10 years of practice as a life coach specializing in working with empaths and highly sensitive people, one of the most popular questions my clients ask me, whether it’s in private phone coaching or my 4-week empath empowerment class The Empath Academy, is the following:  “what is my life purpose?”. 

We empaths and highly sensitive people are such a soulful bunch, we’re always wondering what higher life purpose we can serve on Earth.  Many of us believe, myself included, that empaths exist because we can creatively use our lives to do one very important thing: help and heal other people.   In fact, the definition of an empowered empath in the Complete Empath Toolkit system alludes to that very core aspect.  After we have mastered our skills in energy awareness and letting go of energy that doesn’t serve us (phase one of empath development), then and only then do we really go for gusto with mastering phase two of our development, which is to engage our healing gifts to help other people.

Many of us believe, erroneously, that there is some pre-destined higher life purpose beyond what I’ve just outlined.  We are here, we’re breathing, we’ve managed to survive all that sometimes yukky energy thrown at us, despite the obstacles and challenges, and yet many of us are sensing that something is missing.   We plead with the universe ‘just what exactly am I supposed to be doing?”, sometimes with desperation.  Does this sound familiar?

The Universe loves questions, and yet sometimes that important question about life purpose seemingly goes unanswered, especially if it comes from a place of desperation.  However, sometimes it takes just a simple tweak of your question(s) to get affirmative answers from the Universe. 

There is indeed a higher purpose beyond your current existence, and yet it’s not destined by God, Creator, Great Mystery, or Spirit.   It’s up to YOU to learn to take a blank slate and co-create with Spirit.   So if you are one of the many that are asking that question, ‘what is my life purpose?,” l would ask in reply:  “What do you want it to be?”
If you were a client in my phone coaching work or in the Empath Academy, we would work to identify the pleasures, dreams, hopes, aspirations, and generally all of the things that bring about good feelings and good vibes in one’s life, and we ask the Universe for help in achieving and accomplishing all of those.   There is a special place in each one of you that is connected to what has been called the “God-mind”.  This is a place of limitless potential and it’s based on your unique DNA. 

Acknowledging this place, and purposefully attuning to this energy (we do this in session and class), is the single most important piece for achieving your dream life purpose. When you attune to this Source energy, an exciting shift happens.    The floodgates of abundance and prosperity open up and begin to deluge you with massive gifts of health and joy and peace and freedom.   This is what you can expect from simply tweaking your question to ‘how can I achieve and co-create with the Universe my highest life purpose in this life?’

You as an empath have skills and abilities that rival the greatest saints and the most advanced spiritual masters.  Know in your heart that you have those abilities and that you can share them with the world.  When the time is right, and if you ask the right questions, Spirit will shower you with a flow of energy in which you can tap into to create a life purpose that YOU want and desire.  No matter what situation has you challenged at the moment, always stay focused on the positive desired results.  If you ask yourself every day ‘what do I seek?  What do I want?  What do I desire?”  you will be working your magic and sharing it with the world in no time at all.

Dr. Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Empaths & Sensitive People: Ground Yourself by 'Earthing'

As an empath or sensitive person, your ability to 'ground' yourself is probably the most beneficial way to cope with your sensitivity.

Here's one of the easiest and most freely available methods of all:  EARTHING.

When you touch the ground with your bare skin, an army of antioxidant electrons flow through your body to suck away the stress of constantly perceiving the energy of others.

When an empath is properly 'grounded' in this way, you will receive amazing benefits: better sleep, less pain, more energy, and a calmer nervous system.   This research is being spread by Nicholas Perricone, MD, among others.

Also, the Earthing Company makes products that have profound implications for you as an empath or highly sensitive person, especially if you suffer from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, electrosensitivity, and/or food allergies.  My own muscle pain has been reduced by 75% by using their specially fitted sheets so you can be grounded while sleeping.  My mother, who used to get two hours of sleep a night, now gets 6-8 hours a night. You can also use special grounding mats under your desk while at work, to help prevent and discharge the energies of others such as negative co-workers.

Visit the Earthing site and learn how you can ground yourself while indoors so that you won't be harmed by other's lower vibe energy.


Michael Smith, Ph.D.