Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How to Dissolve Negative Energy Cords for Empaths

Many of us grew up with less than supportive or perhaps even narcissistic or abusive parents or siblings. I've seen it repeatedly in my 10 year empath coaching career working with empaths, in probably 40-50 percent of my clients.

Additionally, many of us have attracted narcissistic or abusive partners (love relationships) into our lives and are struggling on a daily basis to maintain energetic sanity. Sometimes our partners just suck the energy and life out of us, and they know how to push our buttons. Because we want to much to see the 'good' in others (that's our nature!) we stay with a narcissist or abuser despite the destructive tendencies.

So, I wanted to offer a quick but effective exercise to help you deal with any type of relationship that you'd like to get distance from, to heal from, or to get back in balance. When we interact with our family members, energetic cords get formed and they are not always positive. It is within your right to dissolve the cord so that your energy isn't being sucked or sponged away. It is important to note that you can dissolve a negative cord but still maintain the relationship should you desire. Just because you dissolve a cord doesn't mean you are doing any harm to the other person. Rather, you are simply removing the negativity from your life, which is your right, especially if you've taken on any of the other person's negative energy.

Here's how to do it: Simply imagine the person in front of you (for some this is hard and if so, then imagine them at a greater distance). Then, imagine a cord running from your solar plexus (gut) to their solar plexus (gut). This is usually the spot where cords are formed because this is the chakra of safety in the world and also the place where fear usually resides. Then, with your imagination, simply ask the Divine to help you dissolve the cord using White or Golden Light. Imagine the Light overpowering the negative cord and have it simply dissipate and dissolve. If you are a sensory processor like many empaths and sensitives, you can add an additional powerful step that I often do on coaching calls with clients or in my 4-week teleseminar class The Empath Academy. We simply 'clap' using our hands to imagine breaking the cord up into a million small pieces, obliterating it with our hand claps as if we were karate chopping it into oblivion. Many report this to be even more effective and feel an immediate positive shift.

Regardless of the method you use, make it your sincere intention to do it out of love for both yourself and the other person. This can sometimes be difficult especially if you are dealing with a narcissist, so pray on it and try to conjure a feeling of Love before you do this exercise. It is always best and most effective if we ask the Divine or Source for help and assistance with the dissolution of this cord for the Highest Good of all involved. This makes sure that we are doing it for the right reasons and with love and integrity for all involved.

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Until next time, I wish you massive blessings of Love, Light, and Peace!

Dr. Michael Smith, Ph.D.