Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Empath & HSP Skill: Asking Questions of the Universe

One of my favorite empath and highly sensitive person intuitive coaching processes involves breaking down the questions that we are continually asking the universe.   Most of us have a set of internal questions, perhaps even subconscious questions, that we ask ourselves in our reflective moments.   “Why must I suffer,”  “Why did my favorite relative/friend have to die?”  “What is the purpose of my life?” 

If you are one who routinely talks to yourself and asks these types of questions, you’re on to something!   The universe LOVES questions and the great thing for us is that it always provides us with an answer.  The answers come in many varied forms, sometimes through signs and symbols, sometimes through synchronicities, sometimes through a book passage, or sometimes through the words of other people.  You can trust that the answers will come, especially if you give the universe time.

In the empath Inner Power coaching work that I do, and in the Empath Academy, we refine your life questions so that you can attract more of what you DO want. When you focus on expecting good, the answers show up magically.

We can take many affirmations and combine them with questions for extra power of manifestation.

Here are some of my favorites:

How can I be so prosperous?
How can I receive the love of my life?
How will I make today a great day?
Whose life can I make better today?
How can I more effectively recognize inspiration from Spirit?
How can I cope effectively with the energy I perceive?
How can I have an even healthier body?

Listening/Watching for the Answer
Answers sometimes will show up instantaneously, if we are quiet enough internally to recognize them.

EMPATH QUESTION EXERCISE:  If you have a question you’d like to ask the universe, simply take a few breaths in and out.  I always recommend between a 10-12 second inhale/exhale to slow down the nervous system.  Do this three times.  Place your hand on your gut (the body’s truth detector), and then ask your question.  Become aware of the quality of energy in your body and mind.   Notice what comes up.  Images?  Thoughts?  Sensations?  If you feel tingles or warmth of any kind, that is your Divine guidance system preparing you to get ready because your question is being answered!

My all time favorite question is, “how will the universe surprise and delight me today?”   It can be said every morning to set an expectation that your day will delight you.   It really works!    Especially for us empaths who sometimes are expecting to feel energies of suffering and woe, this can really re-frame our experience!

So empaths, let us experience and ‘play’ with the fact that the universe is an echo.   We are all awakening to the reality that life is a call and response system that responds to every thought and every question.  Let us begin to gain mastery over the internal dialogue and begin to use the art of asking appropriate and refined questions for spiritual mastery.  When you do, you’ll find that your life begins to look and feel more empowered than you could ever previously imagine!

Dr. Michael Smith